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Motivational Speaker Kevin Abdulrahman represents the face of the people who are the movers and shakers of today, and the powerhouse of tomorrow’s economy.

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As a professional speaker and one of the top motivational speakers in the world, Kevin Abdulrahman speaks both to a wide range of audience and in a range of catgeories.

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Better known globally around the world as The Man Inspiring Millions, Kevin Abdulrahman is an in demand thought leader

The Man Inspiring Millions works with People, helping them tackle their Problems, realise their Potential, turn it to Power and ultimately Profits (each in their relevant context)



  • Kevin Abdulrahman works with youths
  • Kevin Abdulrahman work with sales teams
  • Kevin Abdulrahman works with mid level and senior managers
  • Kevin Abdulrahman works with C-level executives
  • Kevin Abdulrahman works with Entrepreneurs
  • Kevin Abdulrahman works with public and private groups and officials
  • Kevin Abdulrahman works with athletes and sports teams


Born to a middle eastern family, raised in the west and constantly trotting the world, Kevin Abdulrahman is a product of the interesting mix and global experience.

The eldest of three boys, Kevin was brought up learning the importance of hard work work, integrity, an attitude of never giving up and most important of all, compassion.

Growing up the family simply made ends meet resulting in a frustrated Kevin who chose to seek out . More of which he shares in his first book Winning The Game Of Life

Though one of Kevin Abdulrahman’s favourite chocolates is peanut MnMs (should you ever wish to coerce and tempt him), this M&M stands for Message and Movement.

His slogan has been heard and felt by millions through his keynote speeches, motivational programmes, leadership development trainings and media.

Seeing the continuous frustration shared by many across the globe, Kevin made a bold decision to set up an audacious life mission, to reach over 1 billion people

This is a vision that requires the help of fellow visionaries who would like to make a difference.  So if you can help in any way, then we would love to hear from you.

Get Inspired, Get Informed & Get Going!!! – That’s the motto.


We want to hire Kevin Abdulrahman for a motivational keynote speech/seminar

Kevin Abdulrahman delivers a range of programmes based on your theme, requirements, time frames and audience members.  Check out Kevin Abdulrahman’s message to event organizers, then reach out to our team with your specific request by contacting motivational speaker

We want Kevin Abdulrahman to deliver a world class programme tailored to our team

Certainly. Whether it is a one off programme you would like delivered to your group, or have course specifically created for your school, university or organization

I’d like to interview Motivational Speaker Kevin Abdulrahman

Whether you want the thoughts of an expert for an article piece, or would like to interview Kevin Abdulrahman for an inspirational and thought provoking article, for your audience to help them Get Inspired, Get Informed & Get Going!!!

I have a business idea/venture/collaboration to propose to Kevin Abdulrahman

As an entrepreneur, Kevin Abdulrahman is always open to new ideas and collaborations.  Feel free to share your business plan for the Kevin’s team to look over

I’d like to get coached by Kevin Abdulrahman?

We receive enormous requests by individuals who wish to get coached by Kevin Abdulrahman.  Please be advised that due to a testing international schedule, there are only limited flexibility of what can be done either in person or through online virtual coaching sessions.


Send us your request with the nature of the area you would like to work on and we shall endeavour to make something work.

  1. Become a motivational speaker,
  2. Develop/refine your public speaking and presentation skills
  3. Find a sense of direction and igniting your flame
  4. Whatever it is you are looking for



Other speaker workshop

Event Planners

Message from Motivational Speaker Kevin Abdulrahman

Dear HR Manager, Customer Relation Officer, Event Planner & Conference Director

As a professional motivational business speaker, Kevin Abdulrahman has the knowledge, skill, experience and flexibility to help you attain a winning outcome.

Whether it’s making an appearance, help support a product launch, deliver a powerful keynote speech or conduct a weekend leadership summit for your organization, Kevin Abdulrahman is the professional motivational business speaker that will help your audience Get Inspired, Get Informed & Get Going!!!

Have The Man Inspiring Millions Kevin Abdulrahman speak for any of your world wide requirements which can be and not limited to:

  • Conferences
  • Events
  • Seminars, Webinars, Teleseminars
  • Deliver tailor made Corporate Workshops
  • Event forums.
  • Weekend/ Week long Summits
  • Hosting Award Ceremonies
  • Support Product Launches
  • Make Appearances
  • Annual meetings, conferences and conventions
  • Grand opening ceremonies
  • Open house programs
  • Fundraising events and kick-off programs
  • Lunches, breakfasts, banquets and award nights
  • News conferences
  • Annual, Quarterly & Territory Sales Presentations
  • Small Business Seminars
  • Direct Sales / Network Marketing Quarterly Meetings
  • Break-Out Sessions
  • and more…


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We look forward to adding immense value to your conference/event/group when it comes to requiring

a. One of the hottest motivational and leadership speakers

b. A Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Coach for your clients

c. Hosting/Moderating/Panelling high caliber events

Motivational Business Speaker booking

Already booked Business Motivational Speaker Kevin Abdulrahman?

You will find all the resources that you will need from conference/room requirements, photos for promotions and also MC introductions.

Already booked Business Motivational Speaker Kevin Abdulrahman?


FAQ of our Motivational Leadership Speaker Kevin Abdulrahman

We thought we would share with you some of the FAQs we receive for our motivational leadership speaker in order to better help and speed the process when discussing your requirements.

How can Kevin Abdulrahman impact my group? 

The best way to find out is to give us a call or shoot us an email.  Kevin Abdulrahman likes to take a hands-on approach and once our team establishes your needs, we will arrange to Kevin Abdulrahman speak with you, your management or conference committee to ensure a powerful and winning solution is proposed.

What topics does Kevin Abdulrahman speak on?

As motivational leadership speaker and mind nutrition expert, Kevin Abdulrahman speaks on a range of topics that revolve helping groups attain a winning mind, instilling in them the inspiration to act, and equipping them with the tools needed to achieve and surpass the desired goals.

Courses, Trainings, Keynotes, Workshops or Events?

Whether you require a tailor made course, or desire a keynote speech to be delivered by a top motivational leadership speaker, Kevin Abdulrahman creates and delivers specific and fitting content from his suite of over 300 training modules that he’s cultivated over the years.




Any samples of  topics that Kevin Abdulrahman delivers?

A small sample of some of the most requested speaking headlines include

Leadership Today

Motivation & Empowerment

Beyond The Crisis

Creating a Winning Culture

Accepting, Anticipating & Adapting to Change

Dealing with Failures

Developing High Performing Teams

Attaining A Winning Mind

Work-Life Balance

Self Confidence & Morale Building

Creativity & Innovation

Effective Communication

Presenting with Power

Public Speaking Coaching

Mastering Body Language

Effective Time Management, Productivity & Peak Performance

Sales Management- Selling Like A Pro

From Stress to Success

Can Kevin Abdulrahman deliver our specific message?

We often find that depending on the time of year and events that take place around the world, a pre-organized theme tends to already be finalized on.

Certain topics continue to be of demand.

Based on your theme and requirements, Kevin Abdulrahman will weave your message in to his speaking in a combination of a direct and in direct ways.

How long can Kevin Abdulrahman present for?

Whether it is a 60 minute leadership keynote speech, half day workshop, full day seminar or a week long boot camp, do advise us of your needs and we will create a solution fit for your requirements

Based on your resources, planning and availability, Kevin Abdulrahman is a motivational leadership speaker who will work towards helping you achieve your desired outcome with your group

What are Kevin Abdulrahman’s fees?

As an international brand and a top motivational leadership speaker, Kevin Abdulrahman’s fees are in line with other famous motivational speakers.  Depending on your requirements and the frequency of engagements with your group, our office will happily work with you towards attaining a winning and a value for money proposition.

Will Kevin Abdulrahman stay for our entire event?

Kevin Abdulrahman is a Motivational Leadership who does more than just turn, speak and leave that will happily mingle with your audience (unless of course he has a flight to catch).

Kevin Abdulrahman ensures he delivers to you the highest value possible, Everytime!

So if you would like to have a book signing setup for your attendees, hold photo sessions with VIP guests, make dinner arrangements for a specific groups, or have your motivational leadership speaker be present before, after or throughout your event, then (should his travel schedule allow), Kevin Abdulrahman will be most accommodating.

Can we book Kevin Abdulrahman for a specific date for our event?

Please make your request to book Kevin Abdulrahman by going on to Motivational Leadership Speaker Booking


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Hey there. Thank you for your interest in wanting to book Kevin Abdulrahman, one of the hottest motivational speakers of today.

Kindly furnish us with the relevant information so that one of our team members is able to assist with your requirements in the best possible manner.

We look forward to bringing Motivational Speaker Kevin Abdulrahman to help your audience Get Inspired, Get Informed & Get Going!!!

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